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Where can I install WATTchains?

Integrating WATTChains into current charging infrastructure is feasible. Through this system, you can achieve full autonomous control over various functions such as wall socket operation, door opening, HVAC activation, or any other device via the Ethereum public blockchain.

Who receives payment?

Charger owner have full ownership of the charger and payment wallet, and owner receive payments directly without any intervention from WATTChains. Our offering is solely the cloud service that facilitates the connection between WATTblackbox and the Ethereum Blockchain.

If I send 0.001 ETH what am I buying?

To maintain simplicity in charge requests, we have established fixed payment values. When you make a payment, you are essentially purchasing a TIME SESSION. This approach allows us to keep the payment values consistent while adjusting the charging time based on factors like electricity costs, ETH price, and the charger owner’s willingness to offer the best price. It’s important to note that we do not oversee costs at charging locations; charger owners have control over those aspects. That means on different locations and different charger power, for 0.001 ETH you could get 40 minutes charging sesssion which will be more expensive per kWh aprox. calculation and somewhere you could get 2 hours charging for same ETH amount, and there you will get best aprox kWh price calculation

How can I check charger prices?

We were thinkig about this mandatory request to inform consumer about charge price via inWeb Camera Scanner called WATTcheck. With it you can scan QR code from charger and see LIVE SETTINGS which owner installed and aprox kWh prices, session duration and other information.

I want to charge 5 hours with 11KW power, how much do i pay?

Begin by using WATTcheck to determine the session duration you’ll receive for 0.001 ETH. If the QR code displays “charge time: 90 minutes,” it implies that you will receive 1.5 hours of charging for 0.001 ETH. In total, for a 4.5-hour session and assuming the charger is declared as 11KW power, you will need to pay approximately 0.003 ETH, which corresponds to roughly 49 kWh.

I need commercial invoice!

At the moment we are working on solution. This is early access beta.

Revolut has high fee payment, is there better app.

For quick and cost-effective Ethereum transactions, the recommended choice is LIVE WALLETS. We utilize the STATUS app, which allows you to purchase ETH at the most favorable rates and with minimal transaction fees. While there may be other options available, we plan to keep our list of recommendations up to date in the near future.

I sent payment from Exchange but charger didnt start 8 minutes!

Exchanges serve as a suitable option for purchasing ETH, but they are not the most efficient choice when it comes to rapid transactions. Exchanges rely on “COLD WALLET” technology, which typically undergoes refreshing somewhere between 10 to 60 minutes. This security measure is implemented to safeguard against malicious intruders attempting to access unfamiliar wallets and to maintain the safety of digital assets stored in vaults. Consequently, conducting payments through exchanges may entail some delays.

If I send payment, how long it takes to start charger.

When employing a LIVE WALLET such as Status, Blockchain, or any other live wallet where you have ownership of seed keys and phrases, the process typically takes between 5 to 30 seconds. However, if you opt for a COLD WALLET like Bitpanda, Binance, Wirex, and others, it may take anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes to initiate the charging process.

I see there is 1.5€ ETH transaction fee beside charge cost?

Indeed, this is referred to as the GAS fee, and it constitutes a standard element of the Ethereum transaction process. To complete a transaction, the payer is required to cover the gas fee, which typically amounts to approximately 1.5€ per transaction. This serves as an illustrative example when using the STATUS app. Transaction fee is automaticly deducted from your wallet when you send payment to someone. Nobody have control over it, only you.


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