Metron Charging Station 22kw (PLUG)


Charging station for electric vehicles with Type 2 charging sockets. Supports 3-phase charging with currents up to 3 x 32A (up to 22 kW charging power).

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Please note that the price displayed is for a basic unit without extra features.

Main features:

  • Premium enclosure made of powder coated steel and tempered glass
  • 100% in-house developed FULL feature vehicle communication module inside (Micro EVSE 2)
  • Designed for 3-phase and 1-phase Mode 3 EV charging with currents up to 3x32A
  • Charging current can be changed even during charging process
  • PREMIUM quality EV cable (Made in Germany)
  • Custom charging cable lengths from 3m to 12m
  • Dynamic power control (optional): charging station monitors power at main fuse and lowers/raises/cancels EV charging power accordingly to protect the main fuse
  • Built-in WEB SERVER with preloaded METRON Charge Control app. & WiFi connectivity (optional)
  • RFID charging enable (optional): user identification with card or pendant
  • OCPP charging enable (optional): remote control and server communication
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARGING STATION (optional): Front plate can be laser engraved (for example company logo, …)

Tesla features (optional):

Customized charging station for TESLA electric vehicles with Type 2 charging sockets. Supports 3-phase charging with currents up to 3 x 32A (up to 22 kW charging power). Integrated 2 must-have Tesla only features (same as present on Tesla Superchargers and Destination chargers):
  1.  Remote charge port opener
  2.  Charging plug unlocker
Compatible with European versions of TESLA Model 3, Model S and Model X electric vehicles.

Technical Specifications:

  • Plug Type (EV Side): Type 2 (IEC 62196) Female Plug
  • Max. Charging Current: 1 x 16A or 1 x 32A (single phase) and 3 x 16A or 3 x 32A (3-phase)
  • Charging current can be adjusted: 6A, 8A, 10A, 13A, 16A, 20A, 25A or 32A
  • Selected charging current stays stored in internal memory even when disconnected from power 
  • Max. Charging Power (single/three phase): 7,4 kW/22 kW
  • Rated Voltage (single/three phase): 230/400V
  • Operating voltage range  (single/three phase): from 180V/312V to 270V/470V (50/60Hz)
  • Micro EVSE 2 inside – in-house developed FULL feature vehicle communication module
  • Ultra accurate and temperature independent QUARTZ controlled EV communication frequency  
  • User info via Blue LED light
  • Detects/indicates ALL normal charging states (via Blue LED)
  • Detects/indicates ALL faults (via Blue LED)
  • Charging cable length: customer defined
  • Grid connection cable length (optional): 1,5m (different lengths available on request!)
  • Grid connection plug type (optional): customer defined
  • Cable Color: black
  • UV, oil and flame resistant cable insulation
  • Over-current protection: 3-phase circuit breaker C40A (10kA short-circuit breaking capacity)
  • Residual current protection: RCCB 30mA Type B
  • Integrated self re-settable over-temperature protection with SOFT-OFF capability
  • Operating Ambient Air Temperature Range: -25 °C to 40 °C
  • IP Rating: IP54
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): steel enclosure: 200 mm x 300 mm x 90 mm; front tempered glass plate: 240 mm x 340 mm x 6 mm
  • Weight: app. 8 kg (with 3m charging cable)
  • 100% compatible with all electric vehicles that have Type 2 sockets (For example: Tesla Model SVW e-Golf, BMW i3, Smart ForTwo ED, Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive, Mercedes S500 PHEV, Mercedes SLS EV, Mercedes Vito E-Cell Van, Porsche Panamera S PHEV, BYD e6, Volvo V60 PHEV, BMW i8, Audi A3 e-Tron, VW E-Up, VW Golf GTE, VW Passat GTE and many others)
  • IEC 61851 compliant
  • CE approved
  • Warranty: 2 years

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